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Create Unlimited Vedic Profiles

There is no limit on how many Vedic Profiles you can create and view all the horoscope details. It will be saved in your account for later use, so you dont have to create profiles again and again.

Along with creation, editing and deleting the profiles is also just a click away.

New way to Indian Astrology with Vedic Profiles
Vedic Astrology and Kundli

Interactive, Simple & Elegant

How Indian Astrology meets technology with new, simple & interactive user interface.

Have a look at the screenshots of VedicRISHI astro dashboard. These are few of many features provided !!!

Todays Trends, Status and Chart

Get to know how your day is going to be. The trends and status tells you how you are going to be influenced physically, intellectually and emotionally.

Along with this biorhythm chart and trends, you will be provided with the current dasha period by which you can guess your current state.

Free Horoscope Dahsaboard
Free Panchnag and Planetary Positions

Its absolutely free !!!

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Numbers for you and Reports

Get to you about all the numbers for you. Friendly, neutral and enemy numbers for you. Which number will be favorable and which will not be.

Numerological reports provides your complete self report which includes favorable time, places and vastu, fasts as well as favorable lords and mantra.

Numerlogy and Numerology Predictions
Horoscope Remedies for Free

Personalized Astro Remedies

Get to know your astrological remedies based on your horoscope.

Remedial mesures include Gemstone and semi Gemstone remedies, Rudraksha Remedies

& much more

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