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Get your free horoscope predictions with remedies,gemstones & mantra suggessions. Generate Free Match matching reports. Manglik/ Kalsarpa reports and Dasha reports helps you to forsee the problems and search for its solution.

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Horoscope and Planets

Your horoscope is a snapshot of the planetary arrangement in the skies at the time of your birth. Know the planetary positions in your Horoscope and understand what they hold for you.

Match Horoscopes

Matching Horoscopes helps you to gauge the level of physical and mental compatibility of the couple, presence or absence of Mangal Dosha and the remedies needed for a happy conjugal life.

House and Sign Analysis

The nine planets behave differently in different houses and different signs. Get your free Horoscope with detailed analysis of the effects of the nine planets on your career, health, finance, relationship, etc.

Gemstone and Mantra Remedies

Gems therapy and Mantra recitation are two most powerful remedies for averting the malefic effects of planets. Different gems and different mantras are to be used for different purposes. Know which is your most suited Gem and Mantra.

Lal-Kitab Horoscope and Remedies

Lal-Kitab is another branch of astrology which covers even those dimensions of human life which are not covered even by traditional astrology. Lal kitab remedies are not only very effective and quick but also very easy and affordable.

Manglik and Kalsarpa Reports

Manglik Dosha and Kalsarpa Dosha are considered among the most dreadful dosha in a Horoscope. But do you know that some planetary positioning can actually negate or reduce their effects? Know more.

Get the Astro-Techno Experience Absolutely Free

Simple user interface with useful information about Astrology helps to read your horoscope easily. Get your detailed Numerological reports with easy remedies. Ashtakvarga horoscope along with Transit chart will reveal the fortunate days ahead.

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Create Unlimited Vedic Profiles

There is no limit on how many Vedic Profiles you can create and view all the horoscope details. It will be saved in your account for later use, so you dont have to create profiles again and again. Along with creation, editing and deleting the profiles is also just a click away.

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Match-Making Horoscopes

Matching horoscopes made simple, easy and all free. Get detailed manglik dosha analysis based on horoscopes and their cancellations while matching kundli.

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Todays Trends, Status and Chart

Get to know how your day is going to be.

Biorhythm chart provides you with the information about interplay between intellectual, emotional and physical cycles. The trends and status tells you how you are going to be influenced physically, intellectually and emotionally. Along with this biorhythm chart and trends, you will be provided with the current dasha period by which you can guess your current state.

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Personalized Astro Remedies

Get to know your astrological remedies based on your horoscope. Remedial mesures include Gemstone and semi Gemstone remedies, Rudraksha Remedies. Along with these horoscope remedies Mantra suggestions for propitiation of planets are also suggested.

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