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Match Making PDF Features

Astro Details

Astrology basics like Nakshatra, Moon Sign, Vedic Sun Sign, Ascendant for both the partners that help in understanding astrological pattern at the time of birth.

Planetary Positions

Complete detail of Planetary positions include planets with their full degrees, sign lord, house, Nakshatra and their lord along with Ascendant.

Matching Result

Result and final analysis of the matching profiles give you marriage recommendation taking in to account the Ashtakoota, Manglik, Vedha and Rajju Dosha.

Vimshottari Dasha

Get important life events details for both partners with Vimshottari Dasha system analysis.

Manglik Analysis

Exclusive Manglik analysis includes Manglik percentage of both the partners and their analysis with the result.

Ashtakoot Calculations

Traditional Ashtakoot calculations helps in getting matching points of both the partners and analyze the kundli matching.


A glimpse of dominant characteristics traits of both the partners help in dealing with each other.

Different horoscope styles

North Indian, South Indian, East Indian Style of representation makes it easier and comfortable to read the horoscope and also to calculate Select various different styles of horoscopes available.

Mutual Friendship Analysis

This is Grah-Maitri Koot Matching. This indicates the harmonization of temperaments and attitudes of the bride and the groom.

Ashtakoot Analysis

Complete Astakoota analysis along with the graphical representation explaining each point in detail. Get compatibility result with Ashtakoot analysis.

Dashtakoot Analysis

Different method of deriving matching compatibility matching gives a clear understanding of partnership of life.

Dosha Analysis

Various dosha analysis helps to identify any obstacles in partnership and suggest remedies for any dosha identified.

Personality Report

Brief summary of both the partner's personality and nature gets to each other before even you meet.

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