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What is AstrologyAPI ?

AstrologyAPI provides REST-based HTTP API which can be used for Astrological calculations, match-making reports, generating horoscope reports, numerology reports and other astrological analysis. These APIs are easy to integrate with your website and application and are very simple to use.

Highly Available

Runs on top of cloud infrastructures and multiple high availability data centres. Scales without need to add and maintain resources yourself.

Cloud Native Technologies

Uses REST-based HTTP APIs for simple and effective cloud use. Built with industry standards in mind for maximum flexibility and configuration.

Localisation Support

APIs are localised to Hindi and English. Consume APIs for different audience. Very simple to switch between Hindi and English APIs.

Detailed Monitoring and Configuration

Gain valuable insight into the performance and status of your APIs requests. Our dashboard allows you to track your API consumption in realtime.

Affordable Pricing

Our API subscription pricing is the most cost effective and affordable astrological service available. Our pricing is quite simple and straight forward with no hidden fees whatsoever.

Customisable Plans

Our plans are fully customisable as per your needs. Pay only for the features you want. You can even customise predefined plans or add new APIs to them.

Horoscope Calculations

Astro calculation APIs include astrological details, complete planetary configuration details, all horoscope divisional charts, ashtakvarga calculations along with bhinnashtak and sarvashtak, vimshottari dasha calculations for 5 levels and much more.

Match Making

Matching APIs contain the basic astrological details for both male and female, horoscopic charts for both of them along with planetary positions and details. Ashtakoota and dashakoota match APIs provide the complete points breakdown and conclusion.

Reports and Analysis

Ascendant, Moon Sign and Nakshatra reports APIs provide a broad based analysis of chart. Along with these there are various other reports APIs which are reports of planets in various planets in various signs of a horoscope and daily nakshatra prediction.

Dosha and Remedies

APIs for Kalsarpa dosha, manglik dosha and sadhesati contain the calculations, detailed report and remedial measures pertaining to these doshas. Gemstones suggestions, mantra and rudraksha suggestion APIs makes remedies section complete.

Panchang and Numerology

Panchang forms the base of Vedic Astrology. Vedic Rishi Astro provides different APIs for various panchang needs. Numerology reports and numbers APIs provides and in-depth numerological analysis of one’s birth date.

Lal Kitab Horoscope

Lal-Kitab is another branch of astrology which covers even those dimensions of human which are not covered even by traditional astrology. We provide number of APIs for Lal Kitab reports and remedies as well.

Web Solutions

Construct your complete horoscope website. Make your website results more precise with accurate calculations from Vedic Rishi APIs. You can provide various reports and analysis to your customers. Enhance your website with daily predictions for all your users.

Astrologer's Website

Vedic Rishi APIs help Astrologers save their time in manual calculations thus making their predictions real fast and easy. APIs such as Panchang , Match Making, Horoscope , Nakshatra predictions can be useful for predicting events and identifying doshas at the earliest .


Design your matrimonial web solutions with Vedi Rishi Match making API services. Create match making report providing users with ashtakoot matching charts. Manglik dosha can be identified and remedies for the same will help your customers with useful solution.

Jewellery and Gemstone Websites

Give your customer leverage of using the correct gemstones and semi-precious stones. Using our gemstone suggestion API, you can provide your customers with suggestion of gemstone from their birth details and horoscope. Thus helping them to get the right choice of gemstone for their better future.

Panchang and Indian Calendar

Tedious calculations made accurate within seconds with Vedic Rishi APIs. Keep updating your users with important dates, muhurta on daily basis and helping them to know what’s good and alert of inauspicious muhurta. Access your Panchang from anywhere and get your work done on the right muhurta.

Online Pandit Booking

Create a powerful solution for your users by personalized puja suggestion based on the horoscope. Identify various doshas like pitra dosha, kaal sarp dosha and other such doshas. Suggest relevant Puja for such doshas using Puja suggestion API from Vedic Rishi . A must for online pandit booking and online Puja web solutions.

Lifestyle and Entertainment Websites

Construct more personalized web horoscope solutions with daily personalized predictions of your visitor based on their birth details. Our APIs help you create personalized charts like biorhythms helping your visitors and users know their day at a glance.

Numerology Websites

Identify the relation between the numbers and coinciding events in one’s life by integrating the powerful algorithm of numerology API by Vedic Rishi. Endow your customers with various numerological suggestions like Favorable color, Mantra to be chanted and many more easy solutions through our Numerology APIs.

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Pricing for Vedic Rishi Astro API is simple, powerful, and pay-as-you-go. We have segmented the astrological features in various packages with very simple pricing structure. And yes, we provide 14-day FREE trial for every plan.

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