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So, you be prepared for everything

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Saturn will be in Aquarius in April 2024, but it will become retrograde in June that year. Then, in November 2024, Saturn Saturn will move forward again in Aquarius. This Saturn shuffle will affect what happens in the coming year.
Jupiter will be in Taurus in May 2024, and it's bringing fresh and different ideas, breaking away from the usual. Whether it's in our personal lives, jobs, or creative projects, Jupiter will lead to big changes.
In 2024, Rahu will be in Pisces, and Ketu will be in Virgo. This alignment is expected to bring about a lot of changes and difficulties, potentially leading to significant shifts and challenges in various aspects of life.
From April 23 to June 1, 2024, Mars and Rahu will join forces, causing a lot of chaos and changes both within you and outside you. It might be a time filled with challenges and uncertainties.
Get ready for a unique and transformative year with our personalized horoscope report for 2024. Based on your specific birth chart, this report will provide you with detailed insights into the astrological trends and transit events that will impact your love, relationships, marriages, finances, and career in the coming year.
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See what will you find in yourPersonalized Horoscope Report for 2024!

See how you can improve your health in the new year

Your Shani, Rahu, and Ketu decide how to keep you fit. The personalized horoscope report tells you how are they going to play out. It gives you suggestions on how to increase the benefits and decrease the harms. As a result, you know exactly what to do to stay in the best health in 2024.

Wondering how yourcareer is going to chart off in 2024

The mighty Mercury and Mars drive your career car. Your dream job, your promotion, your salary, and everything else in and around your career are in the hands of both these planets. Your horoscope report for 2024 by Vedic Rishi shows the trail of how you are going to shine in your career. So, you be ready for the big opportunity and help you figure out the drops. In the coming new year, know the ins and outs of your career beforehand.

Know some important revelations about your marriage and relationships this year

Vedic Rishi gives you a personalized horoscope report that tells you everything about your love story by monitoring the movements of Venus in your birth chart. It tells you if or not 2024 is the best time to get married. With this report, you will also know how Jupiter, Mars, and Sun will play the game to take your relationships to the next level. See how romance will bud in your love life or your marital life and be ready for conflicts if there are any.

Find how Favorable your Finances are in 2024

Our detailed personalized horoscope reports help us identify the positions of Rahu, Mars, and Shani. They indicate the debts, loans, and overall finances. So in 2024, be clear about the major plots of your money, and plan your lifestyle properly. Enjoy the prosperity and financial blessings this new year has for you.

Will You Accomplish Your Educational Goals in 2024?

If you want to succeed in higher studies, you must check if Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, and Ketu are placed well in your vedic birth chart. So, our personalized horoscope report for 2024 will help you track the movements of these planets. The report will give you complete information about your educational milestones for the whole year.

Gather all the information about your personal life

Your Good mental health is assured if Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter are well-placed and are without affliction. Our detailed personalized horoscope reports help you track these movements throughout 2024. So, can make the most of the favorable associations and stay grounded even in the hardest of retrogrades.

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If you have anything in specific that you need us to look at for you… Tell us and we will give you that information.

You can even tell which areas of your life you want us to highlight more than others And we’ll do it for you.

Because what matters to you, matters to us. And we want to make this Horoscope Report for 2024 as personalized as possible.

So, you get all the information you need to make the 2024 your year


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Know important timelines of ups and downs

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So, you present yourself to the best of your ability and make the most out of the situation in front of you.

Be able to make the better times best

By implementing the suggestions in the report and boost the benefits in the good times

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Be able to ward off the evil eye

You can easily ward of the evil eye, unfavourable planets positionings and inasupicious star alignment.

Are you still wondering why should you get the Personalized Horoscope Report for 2024?

  • REASON #1Get personalized predictions and insights. This report is tailored specifically to you, based on your unique astrological profile. You won't find this level of personalization with any other horoscope report.
  • REASON #2Plan for the year ahead. With key predictions and guidance for the year 2024, this report will help you make the most of the opportunities and challenges that await you. This way, you can also make the most informed decisions.
  • REASON #3Improve your relationships. Whether you're single or in a relationship, your horoscope report will provide valuable insights and advice on how to improve and strengthen your connections with others.
  • REASON #4Advance your career. Your horoscope report will provide valuable guidance on the best times to pursue new opportunities and make important decisions in your career.
  • REASON #5Get personalized remedies. In addition to key predictions and valuable advice, your horoscope report will also include personalized remedies to help you overcome any obstacles or challenges you may face in the year ahead. These remedies are based on ancient astrological principles and can be easily implemented to improve your relationships, advance your career, and achieve your goals.

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You have absolutely nothing to lose other than the benefits which are PRICELESS

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Regular Price is ₹4,999

Offer Price is ₹2,499/-
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In 2023, our Personalized Horoscope Report was like a best friend to our users. It spoke to them and comforted them with the answers that helped them shape the year.

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This year, the Horoscope Report for 2024 is going to be extra special

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This year, your horoscope report for 2024 will be written by Pt. Rishiraj Tiwariji

He is the Principal Astrologer at Vedic Rishi. Over 35 years of service, he has helped thousands of people to get rid of confusion, find their solutions, and make the best life choices.

Some of his clients today are leading celebrities in the fields of politics, entertainment, and business.

He has helped so many people shape their lives. And he will surely ensure that you make the most of 2024.


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For 2024, the magic of the personalized horoscope report will be the same.

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