Mercury(Budh) in second House

Effects of Budha (Mercury) & Remedies in First House

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Lal-Kitab is another branch of astrology which covers even those dimensions of human life which are not covered even by traditional astrology. Lal kitab remedies are not only very effective and quick but also very easy and affordable. Vedic Rishi provides a personalised Lal Kitab Horoscope and Lal Kitab Remedies. It is completely FREE.

Mercury(Budh) in second House

Mercury in the 2nd house makes the native intelligent selfcentered, destroyer of enemies and cheats. He may be able to provide sufficient happiness to his father. He will be rich. The things represented by Mars and Venus will prove beneficial to him.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Mercury(Budh):

  1. Abstain from eggs meat and liquor.
  2. Association with your sisters in law is harmful.
  3. Keeping sheep, goat and parrots as pets is strictly prohibited.

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