Moon(Chandra) in seventh House

Effects of Chandra (Moon) & Remedies in Seventh House

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Moon(Chandra) in seventh House

The 7th house belongs to Venus and Mercury. When the Moon is placed here, the results of this house will be affected by the Venus, Mercury and Moon. Venus and Mercury combined together give the effects of the Sun. The 1st house aspects the 7th house. Consequently the rays of the Sun from the 1st house would be enlightening the Moon if placed in the 7th, which means that the things and the relatives represented by the Moon will provide highly beneficial and good results. Educational achievements will prove fruitful for earning money or wealth. He may or may not have properties but will certainly have cash money in hand always. He will have good potential for being a poet or astrologer, or else he will be characterless and will have great love for mysticism and spiritualism. The 7th Moon also denotes conflict between the native.s wife and mother, adverse effects in milk trade. Disobedience towards mother will cause overall tensions and troubles.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Moon(Chandra):

  1. Avoid marriage in the 24th year of your life.
  2. Always your mother keep happy.
  3. Never sell milk or water for profit.
  4. Do not burn milk for making Khoya.
  5. Ensure that in marriage your wife brings silver and rice with her from her parents, equal to her weight.

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