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Lal Kitab

Lal-Kitab is another branch of astrology which covers even those dimensions of human life which are not covered even by traditional astrology. Lal kitab remedies are not only very effective and quick but also very easy and affordable.
Vedic Rishi provides a personalised Lal Kitab Horoscope and Lal Kitab Remedies. It is completely FREE.

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Lal Kitab Prediction & Remedies For

Rahu in sixth House

This house is influenced by Mercury or Ketu. Here Rahu is exalted and gives very good results. The native will be free of all botherations or troubles. The native will spend money on clothes. The native will be intelligent and victorious. When Rahu is malefic he will harm his brothers or friends. When Mercury or Mars is in 12th house Rahu gives bad result. The native suffers from various ailments or loss of wealth. Sneezing while going to work would give bad results.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Rahu:

  1. Keep a black dog.
  2. Keep a lead nail in your pocket.
  3. Never harm ones brothers/sisters.