Venus(Shukra) in eighth House

Effects of Shukra (Venus) & Remedies in First House

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Venus(Shukra) in eighth House

No planet is considered benefic in this house Even Venus in this house becomes rotten and poisonous. The wife of such a native becomes highly irritable and short tempered. Evil utterances from her mouth will certainly prove to be true. The native will be suffering from the feeling of self pity. Taking guarantee or surety for someone will prove disastrous. If there is no planet in 2nd house, do not marry before 25 years of age, otherwise the wife will certainly die.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Venus(Shukra)

  1. The native should not accept Daan.
  2. Bowing head in the place of worship and temples.
  3. Copper coin or blue flower to be thrown in gutter or dirty Nullah continuously for ten days.
  4. Wash your private parts with curd.