Daan(Charity) for Navagraha in Remedial Astrology

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Navagraha Daan

Navagraha Articles of Donation Timings to Donate
Sun(Surya) Daan Copper, ruby, red clothes or flowers, sandalwood wood, khandsari, saffron At sunrise on Sunday
Moon(Chandra) Daan Rice, milk, silver, pearl, curd, misri, white cloth flowers or sandal wood On Monday evening
Mars(Mangal) Daan Copper, wheat, ghee, red cloth, flower, sandal wood, dal masoor On Tuesday, within 48 min. before sunset
Mercury(Budh) Daan Ivory, sugar, green cloth, flower, moong, camphor, turpentine oil On Wednesday within 2 hrs. before sunset
Jupiter(Guru) Daan Gold, topaz, ruby, gram dal, salt, turmeric, gur, brown sugar, laddoos On Thursday evening
Venus(Shukra) Daan Ghee, camphor, curd, silver, rice, sugar, white cloth flower or cow On Friday at sunrise
Saturn(Shani) Daan Iron, black nails, cloth, flowers,mash dal, musk, black cow or horse At noon on Saturday
Rahu Daan Sarson, mooli, blanket, til, lead, saffron, satnaja(mixed seven grains), coal On Sunday morning
Ketu Daan Til, gold, musk, blanket (black or white), Sugar, lead, saffron, satnaja(mixed seven grains),part of food to black-white dog On Sunday morning


Complete Navagraha Vedic Mantra