नीलाम्बरः शूलधरः किरीटी गृध्रस्थितस्त्रासकरः सशस्त्रः ।
चतुर्भुजो सूर्यसुतः प्रशान्तः सदास्तु मह्यं वरदोल्पगामी ।।



Bramha, Shiva

Articles of donation

Iron, black nails, cloth, flowers,mash dal, musk, black cow or horse.( At noon on Saturday.)


Tall lean body, yellowish eye, big teeth, lazy, sunken eyes, large teenth, large and course nails

Humor & part of the Body

Wind, bile, head, neck, bones, teeth


Diseasecaused by pollution, cancer, paralysis, loss of limbs, cuts, teeth problems, tumours, acidity


Delays, obstructions, miseries, sorrows, democracy, moksha karaka

Prominent Qualities

Planet of logic, philosphy, impotency, stingy planet, cold icy planet, barren

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