रक्ताम्बरो रक्तवपुः किरीटी चतुर्भुजो मेषगतो गदाभृत् ।
धरासुतः शक्तिधरश्च शूली सदायमस्मद् वरदः प्रसन्नः ।।



Ganapati, Hanuman, Subramanya, Shanmukha Kartikeya

Articles of donation

Copper, wheat, ghee, red cloth, flower, sandal wood, dal masoor.(On Tuesday, within 48 min. before Sunset.)


Medium built and height, irasible, lean, cruel, fickle minded

Humor & part of the Body

Bile hands, eyes, rectum, blood


Cuts, wound, soar eyes, boils, burns, B.P., piles, tumoures, jaundice, fractures, oozing blood, itches


Stamina, dhatus

Prominent Qualities

A martial planet, barren, dictatorship, planet of action and expansion

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