पद्मासनः पद्मकरो द्विबाहुः पद्मद्युतिः सप्ततुरंगवाहनः ।
दिवाकरो लोकगुरुः किरीटी मयि प्रसादं विदधातु देवः ।।



Siva, Fire, Rudra, Lord Narayana, Sachidanand

Articles of donation

Wheat, copper, ruby, rur, red cloth or flowers, sandal wood, khandsari, saffron( On Sunday at Sunrise.)


Honey colored eyes, square in shape, short hair, hyper irritability, weak eyesight, well proportionate body

Humor & part of the Body

Bile, wind, bones, knees, navel


Heart disease, bone fracture, migraine, jaundice, fever, burns, cuts, wounds, gonorrhea, poisoning, skin diseases, leprosy, bilious constitution, weak eye sight, stomach


Soul, ego, atma, vitality, strength, doctoring, capacity, dhatus

Prominent Qualities

Political, royal, aristocratic planet, a natural atamkarka. Barren, a sources of life, heat and energy, quadruped

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