Moon (Chandra)

श्वेताम्बरः श्वेतविभूषणश्च श्वेतद्युतिर्दण्डधरो द्विबाहुः ।
चन्द्रोऽमृतात्मा वरदः किरीटी मयि प्रसादं विदधातु देवः ।।

Moon (Chandra)


Durga, Parvati

Articles of donation

Rice, milk, silver, pearl, curd, misri, white cloth flowers or sandal wood. ( On Monday evening)


Circular shape, pleasing eyes, witty, oversexed, unsteady mentally

Humor & part of the Body

Blood, flesh, cheeks, breast, calves, left eye of male & right of female


Heart, lungs, asthama, diarrohea, dysentry, kidneys, diabetes, jaundice, mensural disorders, skin disease, anaemia, nervous, T.B, itches, indigestion, fear from horned animals and water, cough, fever, boils, etc


Mind, heart, mana, moola

Prominent Qualities

Wavering, it gives strength to bear child, a crawling insect

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