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Vedic Mantra

Vedic astrology recognises three major remedies or upayas to solve complex and intricate problems arising due to planetary placements, aspects, conjunctions and planetary periods (dashas). These are Mantra, Yantra and Gemstones.

Mantra is a combination of syllabus which has been so framed and structured that, when pronounced correctly, concentrates universal energy into the individual's spiritual energy. The essence of the mantra is called its 'Root word' or 'Beej' and the power generated by it is called 'Mantra Shakti'. Each root word is related to a particular planet or planet lord. The chanting of mantra is called &apos Mantra Yoga &apos or &apos Mantra Japa &apos. Mantra chanting synchronizes the sound energy, breath and senses. It is this chanting which produces a sound wave vibratory energy which is a very powerful energy and can be used to transform life.

Using Mantra as a Remedy

Mantras are the sounds of POWER. Regular chanting of mantras with devotion and faith attracts the positive and constructive energies of the related deities / planets lords and helps in absolving their negative effects. It is a means of seeking divine aid to solve your problems. It brings you in sync with the universal vibratory energies. Mantras alert the subconscious mind, awaken consciousness and gravitates you towards the desired goal or objective. On the physical plane, it pacifies your nerves, activates your glands and harmonizes the various life systems in the body. Mantras instill confidence and improve concentration.

Benefits of Mantra

Your Birth chart (kundli) shows planets which are weak/debilated/badly placed. As a result, they affect the relevant parts of your life adversely; it could be your health, career, relationship, etc. Mantras can be used for both benefic and malefic planets. They can be used to enhance the strength of the beneficial planet and to reduce the harmful effects of the detrimental planets. The best thing about mantras is that they give only positive effects. They can be used to attract health, wealth, happiness, pleasure, love, success and ward off laziness, diseases and troubles.

How to Chant/Recite Mantra

The success of the mantra depends upon the type and purpose of the mantra and the number of times it is recited. When mantras are use for the purpose of appeasing a particular planet or graha, it has to be chanted a specific number of times depending upon the planet and its lord. The purpose here is to produce the required vibratory effects for activation of the related powers.

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