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Astrology & Horoscope APIs

Create Awesome Astrology Applications and Websites.
astrology api

What is AstrologyAPI ?

AstrologyAPI provides REST-based HTTP API which can be used for Astrological calculations, match-making reports, generating horoscope reports, numerology reports and other astrological analysis. These APIs are easy to integrate with your website and application and are very simple to use.

AstrologyAPI Features

Highly Available

Runs on top of cloud infrastructures and multiple high availability data centres. Scales without need to add and maintain resources yourself.

Cloud Native Technologies

Uses REST-based HTTP APIs for simple and effective cloud use. Built with industry standards in mind for maximum flexibility and configuration.

Localisation Support

APIs are localised to Hindi and English. Consume APIs for different audience. Very simple to switch between Hindi and English APIs.

Detailed Monitoring and Configuration

Gain valuable insight into the performance and status of your APIs requests. Our dashboard allows you to track your API consumption in realtime.

Affordable Pricing

Our API subscription pricing is the most cost effective and affordable astrological service available. Our pricing is quite simple and straight forward with no hidden fees whatsoever.

Customisable Plans

Our plans are fully customisable as per your needs. Pay only for the features you want. You can even customise predefined plans or add new APIs to them.

How Does Its Work ?

  1. 1

    Subscribe for 14 day free trial

    Sign up and login to API dashboard. You can subscribe to any of the plans for 14 days free access.

  2. 2

    Get you API key

    Once you have subscribed a plan, click on Activate Subscription button to get the API key and User id.

  3. 3

    Integrate with your website

    With our pre-built SDKs for most of the platforms and languages, it is very simple to integrate Astro APIs on your website and mobile application.

  4. 4

    Go live with your website

    Launch your integrated website and mobile application for your users. Delight your users with their complete horoscope analysis and match making reports.

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