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Have you ever found yourself wondering about the unanswered questions in your life? Questions like,

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"What does the future hold for me?"

These thoughts are common, and you're not alone in seeking answers.

Our Premium Kundli Report is designed to provide you with the insights you've been looking for. It offers a deep understanding of your unique personality, shedding light on the reasons behind the events in your life.

The Kundli report also helps you strengthen your relationships by providing guidance on building better bonds with your partner and loved ones. It identifies the most favorable periods for positive changes in your life.

With a Kundli report, you can gain clarity, make informed decisions, and take proactive steps towards a better future.

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What are the new insights in our Premium Kundli Report?

Our Premium Kundli includes 145+ pages. It includes detailed information about yourself. It will provide you with detailed insights about yourself and remedies too. These 145+ pages have much more world in them.

Your Kundli and its Calculation

Learn your astrology basics with our special horoscope. See your planet positions at birth, the base for astrology predictions. Look at 21 horoscope charts about different life parts like money, work, and love. Our Premium Kundli Report explains these charts, helping you make good choices.

Key Elements of Your Kundli

Find the core things shaping your life with our Premium Kundli Report. Learn about the panchang, its parts, and predictions based on your birth nakshatra. See which of the five elements - fire, earth, air, water, and ether - affect you most. Know your soul's planet, linking you to the universe.

Doshas and Recommendations for you

Our Premium Kundli Report shows doshas like Manglik, Kalsarpa, and Sadhesati, giving fixes. We check dosha's presence and strength, offering easy ways to reduce bad effects. Get tips for good gemstones, rudrakshas, and strong remedies to fight planet influences. Find your best deity for help.

Your Full Kundli Analysis

Know yourself through 11 detailed reports on key life parts. From your Lagna Report on your rising sign to Career, Money, and Past Life Lessons, our Premium Kundli Report looks at your unique path. Find strengths, challenges, and opportunities to make informed choices and live with purpose.

Your Planetary Predictions

Planets act differently based on horoscope place. Our report closely looks at each planet's effect. Get detailed predictions, possible planet challenges in your kundli, and ways to fix them. Follow the given steps to use good planet effects and beat problems. Make your life better with our planet's guidance.

Your Future Forecast

See your future based on the Yogini Dasha system. Our report gives predictions and remedies for the next 6-8 years. Know about coming good and bad times, and how to handle them well. Get ready for the future and use your potential with our Yogini Dasha forecast.

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Always I found your predictions are almost 100% true for me. This is the second time I bought a kundli report. Thank you very much for team Vedic Rishi.

Sandeep Mehta

Product Manager

I am greatly satisfied with my kundli reports. It gives me an overall study of my personality and my progression. Remedies suggested by you are easy and convenient to perform. Even dosha reports are easy to understand and accurate. Thanks a lot.

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The premium Vedic Horoscope Report is one of our most popular reports. It offers in-depth horoscope analysis, detailed predictions for different aspects of life, and dosha analysis for the three main doshas - Kal Sarp Dosh, Mangal Dosh, and Pitra Dosh along with easy remedies to counter their negative impact.

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