पीताम्बरः पीतवपुः किरीटी चतुर्भुजो दण्डधरश्च हारी ।
चर्मासिधृक् सोमसुतो धनुष्मान् सिंहाधिरुढो वरदो बुधश्च ।।



Vishnu, Lord Narayana

Articles of donation

Ivory, sugar, green cloth, flower, moong, camphor, turpentine oil. (On Wednesday within 2 hrs. before Sunset)


Well built large body, polite talk, taste of wit and humour

Humor & part of the Body

Bile, wind, thighs, skin, nervous system


Disorders in brains and vocal organs, mental disease, nervous break-down, typhoid, itches, fever, vertigo, disease of eyes, neck, nose, fractures, stammering, white leprosy


Intellect, speech, reasoning, wit

Prominent Qualities

Vidya karaka, bandhu karaka, jnana karaka

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