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Our 70+ pages beautifully designed personalized Vedic Kundli provides a detailed life report in easy to understand language.


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Why You Should Get Your Vedic Kundali Made

Know Your Life Story

The Vedic Kundali is a deep dive into your life. It takes a look at all the important aspects of your life from an astrological point and provides an insight into what you can expect in these areas and empowers you to make the most of the opportunities the stars have aligned for you.

Find Out if You’re Afflicted by Any Doshas

Doshas such as Kal Sarpa Dosha, Mangal Dosha and Pitra Dosha have the power to hamper progress, cause stress, and in general make things a bit difficult. Your Vedic Kundli report checks for the presence of doshas and their strength in your chart.

Get Personalized Remedies

Just knowing of adverse dosha or planetary alignments is not enough. You need to know how to counter them too. And, your Vedic Kundli provides you with simple and easy remedies that help you do just that.

Get a Downloadable and Printable Report

Your personalized report is sent to you on your email in PDF format. You can download and save it on your device. You can also take a printout and keep it handy with you.

What Our Customers are Saying


"All the words which are written in this pdf of my Janam-kundli are absolutely true. Information and different charts are very well organized."

-Santu das

"Always I found your predictions are almost 100% true for me. This is the second time I bought a kundli report. Thank you very much for team Vedic rishi."

-Kaushik Gohel

"I am greatly satisfied with my kundli reports. It gives me my overall study of my personality and my progression. Remedies suggested by you are easy and convenient to perform. Even dosha reports are easy to understand and accurate. Thank a lot."

-Sandeep Mehta
Get 50% OFF
Offers ends in :

Only For ₹999 ₹499

You save ₹500 (50%)

25899 People bought this report

What Do You Get in Your Vedic Kundli Report


Personalised Horoscope

This is an overview of how the planets were positioned at the time of your birth. It is the foundation of all astrological analysis and predictions


21 Horoscope Charts

We provide 21 divisional charts in your personalized Horoscope report for different areas of life. For instance: The Hora Chart is used to understand Financial health, the Dashamansha chart gives insight into professional life, and the Navmansha chart is an indicator of marriage prospects and married life.


House and Zodiac Sign Analysis

Each House and Zodiac sign has its own significance and affects a specific part of life. This report helps you understand which sign is located in which house, their relationship, and how they impact your life, relationships, career, health, and wealth.


Planetary Profiles

Planets give results according to their placement in the horoscope and their nature. This report covers each planet in detail, and provides insight into their nature - Yogakaraka, Benefic, Malefic or Neutral and the impact they have on your life.


Numerology Predictions

Like planets, numbers too influence our lives. This personalized report provides a complete numerological analysis based on your date of birth and name.


Important Dosha Analysis

Doshas such as Kal Sarp dosh, Magal dosh, and Pitra dosh doshas can adversely impact our life. In this report, we analyse the kundli for the presence of these doshas and their strength and provide simple remedial measures to reduce their malefic impact.


Sade Sati Periods

We all know about the Sade Sati and want to know when we would be going through Lord Shani’s period. This report provides the start and end date of all the 3 Sade Sati periods and easy remedies to counter the challenges the Sade Sati period may bring.


Gems, Mantras and Rudraksha Recommendation

Gemstone therapy, Rudraksha and Mantra recitation are considered to be three of the most powerful remedies for relief from the malefic effects of planets. Know which Gemstone, Rudraksha, and Mantra is beneficial for you.

Find Out the Story the Stars are Writing for You!

The premium Vedic Horoscope Report is one of our most popular reports. It offers in-depth horoscope analysis, detailed predictions for different aspects of life, and dosha analysis for the three main doshas - Kal Sarp Dosh, Mangal Dosh, and Pitra Dosh along with easy remedies to counter their negative impact.

Get 50% OFF
Offers ends in :

Only For ₹999 ₹499

You save ₹500 (50%)

25899 People bought this report