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What it Varshphal Report?

The Varshphal report, also known as Annual Horoscope, gives a detailed review of the opportunities and the challenges the year will bring. This 30 plus page report provides an insight into the overall theme of the year with month-wise predictions. The premium Varshphal report gives you:

Varshphal Kundli
Varshphal Yogas and Their Effects
Detailed Monthly Predictions
Year Lord, Muntha, and Ascendant Report
Delivered to your email in PDF format in 48

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Detailed Charts

Get Nakshatra, Zodiac sign, and planetary positions at the time of your birth and for the current year. The Varshphal report gives you Janma Lagna and Varsha Lagna charts, and Natal and yearly charts for moon and navamsa.


Month-wise Predictions

This is the most loved feature of Vedic Rishi’s Varshphal Report. You get in-depth monthly analysis which includes planetary position and chart and predictions for the month.


Varshphal Yoga

There are 16 yogas that are specific to this system. We analyse the annual charts for each of the 16 yogas to check if they are present in your kundli for the current year.



These are time periods relating to crucial life events such as marriage, gaining fortune and wealth etc. We provide details of the relevant sahams in the Varshphal report.


Lord of the Year

There’s one specific planet that is important for the year. The premium Varshphal report tells which planet is the Lord of the year according to your horoscope and if it is positioned favourably or unfavourably in your chart. Knowing this information helps you plan your year better and make the most of auspicious periods.


Muntha and Muntha Lord

Muntha is the progressed ascendant. Starting from birth, it travels one sign every year. The lord of the sign in which it is present in the current year is called the Muntha Lord. This is significant as the position of the Muntha determines if the year will be favourable or unfavourable. Get to know your Muntha lord and its impact with Vedic Rishi’s premium Varshphal report.


Ascendant Lord Prediction

Also known as the Varsh Lagnesh, the Ascendent Lord is responsible for the positive or negative events during the year, specially work, luck, and health.


Panch Vargeeya Bala

This is a system of calculating the strength of the planets on five parameters. Our premium Varshphal report provides the strength of each planet on all the five parameters.


Harsha Bala

When the planets are happy, they impact your life in a positive manner. Harsh Bala calculations give you the happiness quotient of each planet. With this report you can know which planets need to be pleased and take remedial measures for them.

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What Our Customers are Saying


"This Varshphal report helps people from the business community in taking informed financial decisions by looking at their favourable & unfavourable planetary transit during the year, thereby turning the risk reward ratio in their favour. Very useful insights and data."

-Manish Singh

"This varshphal report helps professionals to know about their career outlook in that particular year e.g. growth opportunities signified in terms of promotion in the same job or a switch with an increase in remuneration & a better job role. I Found very useful for myself. Got this report within the 1 hour of time."

-Nisha Parmar

"It is in particular beneficial for students appearing for competitive examinations in a year, as it reveals the level of help that they are poised to get from the planets during that period. Effectively design and accurate."

-Priyam Awasthi

Regular Price ₹999

Get 50% OFF
Offers ends in :

Only For ₹499