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In order to determine the positions and groupings of planets accurately, Astrologers use a fixed background or plane of reference called the Zodiac. The Zodiacal Circle is in the same plane as the Ecliptic which is the approximate path of the Earth and Planets in their motion around the Sun. The Zodiac, therefore, is merely the Ecliptic extended limitlessly into space. These twelve equal sections or divisions of the Zodiac are called the Signs of the

Zodiac names and numbered are as follows:

(l) Aries (2) Taurus (3) Gemini (4) Cancer (5) Leo (6) Virgo (7) Libra (8) Scorpio (9) Sagittarius (10) Capricorn (11) Aquarius (12) Pisces

Vedic Terminology :

1. Mesha 2. Vrishabha 3. Mithuna 4. Karka 5. Sinha 6. Kanya 7. Tula 8. Vrischika 9. Dhanu 10. Makara 11. Kumbha 12. Meen

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