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What is a Sarvashtak ?

Sarvashtakvarga is the summary chart made up for the entire horoscope by adding up the score of Bhinnashtakvargha that includes each of the 8 planets. It identifies the strength of the house, how each house would be favourable or unfavourable and it's transiting, evaluation of Dasa bhukti, the timing of the events and longevity. The house denotes the certain portion of life. Transit of planet with higher points is said to be better. The point below 28 shows the bad aspect of life while the point above 30 shows the good areas of life. For example, if Pisces gets 4, 6, 7,5,5,4,5 bindus then Sarvashtakvarga for this zodiac would be 4+6+7+5+5+4+5 = 36.