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Sun(Surya) in third House

Effects of Surya (Sun) & Remedies in Houses | Lal Kitab

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Sun(Surya) in third House
  1. The native will be rich, self-dependant and having younger brothers.
  2. He will be blessed with divine grace and will earn profits intellectual by pursuits.
  3. He will be interested in astrology and mathematics.
  4. If the Sun is not auspicious in the 3rd house and the Moon is also not auspicious in the horoscope.
  5. If the 9th house is afflicted, the forefathers would have been poor. If the 1st house is afflicted, the neighbours of the native will be destroyed.
Lal Kitab Remedies for Sun(Surya):
  1. Obtain blessings of the mother by keeping her happy.
  2. Serve others with rice or milk.
  3. Practice good conduct and avoid evil deeds.

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