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12 Mukhi Rudraksha
12 Mukhi Rudraksha

12 Mukhi Rudraksha

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Vedic Rishi brings to you this high-energy Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha from the untouched forests of Nepal. This Rudraksha is energised by performing Yagnas to offer optimum results in your life.

12 Mukhi Rudraksha represents the 12 parts or 12 signs of suns. Each facet of the 12 Faced Rudraksha depicts the Aditya of Dwadasha Aditya. It exudes the warmth and strength of the sun. It is bound to improve administration and leadership skills. The person possessing this bead tends to attain political power, headship or ministership in their organisation or institution.

Following are the benefits of 12 Faced Rudraksha:

  • Attracts powerful position, pleasure and opportunities for foreign travel.
  • Effective in reducing problems related to the eye, head, bowel, heart and bones.
  • Boosts your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Nullifies the effect of Malefic Sun in the birth chart.
  • Makes you self-reliant, radiant, strong, brilliant and sharp.
  • Improves your self-esteem, motivation and joy.
  • Increases your chances to be prosperous.
  • Eliminates fear, worries and suspicion.
  • Reduces the malefic effect of Lord Sun.
  • Helps you shine and radiate like the sun.

Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha symbolises 12 Jyotirlingas and reflects the energy of these Swayambhu Lingas. This bead contains the blessings of Lord Surya and Vishnu. The person embracing the 12 Faced Rudraksha receives the benefit of Ashwamedha Yagna. This Rudraksha effectively changes your life in a short period.

Sun Worship is common in India. Sun is celebrated across our culture through festivals like Makar Sankrant, Pongal, Uttarayan and Chhath. Lord Sun is one of the deities from Panchadevas, and it also holds prime importance in Astrology. 12 Mukhi Rudraksha is the abode of Lord Sun. It is the ruling deity and the governing planet of this bead.

Om Krowm Kshowm Rowm Namah

People wanting to succeed as Entrepreneurs, Ministers, Administrators, and Politicians should wear 12 Faced Rudraksha. It is effective for people seeking internal strength to express themselves and overcome difficulties in life.

  • Rudraksha and Yantra are energised and activated (SiddhaPuja) by Vedic Pandits as per your given name and gotra.
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