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Shukra Yantra
Shukra Yantra

Shukra Yantra

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Vedic Rishi brings to you this auspicious Shukra Yantra that is energized with powerful chantings to offer you positive effects.

Shukra Yantra represents Lord Shukra. Lord Shukra is also known as Shukracharya, the master of wealth and knowledge. Shukra in Astrology represents Venus, the planet of luxury. Shukra Yantra embodies the power and blessings of Lord Shukra.

Following are the benefits of Shukra Yantra:

  • Bestows you with love, respect and material comfort
  • Blesses you with harmony and a fulfilling marital life
  • Offers financial stability and luxurious life
  • Improves your business and professional partnership

Worshipping Shukra Yantra accentuates your financial position. It accelerates your material growth and fills your life with the luxuries of the world.

Shukra or Venus is the ruling planet of this Yantra. Shukra Yantra nullifies the malefic effects of Venus present in your natal chart.

Om Draang Dreeng Draung Sah Shukray Namah

People who want to live a materially comfortable life should worship this Yantra.

  • Rudraksha and Yantra are energised and activated (SiddhaPuja) by Vedic Pandits as per your given name and gotra.
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